Sport Psychology (Video): Icebreaker -
The "Who's Behind Me" Game

Dick Moss, Editor

This icebreaker is a variation of the Peek-A-Who game described in a previous PE Update article (see the "Related Articles" links at the bottom of this page).

The game is a fun way to share personal information about each member of the team.

Divide your group into two groups. When we played this game with my Laurentian University running team (see video below), we divided our squad into veterans versus rookies.

Two coaches hold blanket between the groups. With the blankets blocking the teams' view of each other, one member of each team sits with their back to the blanket. They are the contestants.

How to Play
Once the blanket drops, it is the job of each team to describe their contestant's opponent. They do this by shouting out personal information about the opponent. However, clues such as "Her name rhymes with…" cannot be used.

Based on the information provided by their teammates, the two contestants must shout out the name of their opponent. The player who is the first to guess correctly wins a point for their team.

The blanket then goes up and two other players take their position. The team with the most points after everyone has played wins the game.

You can see Nicole Dubuc leading a game of
"Who's Behind Me" in the following video.

Reference: Nicole Dubuc, Laurentian University Cross-Country Running training camp, September, 2007. Nicole is working on her Masters in Sport Psychology at Laurentian University, in Sudbury, Ontario, and has been the track/cross-country team's sport psychology consultant for three years.


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