Sport Psychology- Make Your Own Team Banner

Sport Psychology- Make Your Own Team Banner

Dick Moss

Having a banner hanging in your locker room is highly motivating - especially if it's provides an inspirational message and was made by the members of your team.

How to Make Your Team Banner
Get some banner paper and have your team decide on an inspirational message or slogan. Using washable paint in bright colours, have them write the message on the banner (in our case it was "Run Fast, Kick Ass!" (Pardon the language… they're university athletes).

Personalize the banner by having your athletes paint the bottom of a foot and place a footprint onto the banner. You can use a partner to apply the paint to their feet. Each athlete signs their footprint.

Be sure to keep a bucket of water handy for quick washup - one of the advantages to washable paint, such as Crayola's, is that it washes off skin and clothing with only soap and water.

We used footprints because we're a running team. You can also use handprints. The banners can also be laminated.

Reference: From an activity led by Nicole Dubuc at the 2006 training camp for the Laurentian University women's cross-country running team. Nicole Dubuc has a B.A. in sport psychology and is working on her mental training certification and a Masters in human development. She is the XC/Track team's sport psychology consultant.

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