Teaching: Questionnaire Jog

Teaching: Questionnaire Jog

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

It's the first week of class and you want your students to complete a form about their interests, health problems, parents' names, etc. But form-filling doesn't provide much exercise, does it?     So why not combine the paperwork with physical activity using a Questionnaire Jog?

How to Perform
Play some music and have your students jog, skip or walk around the gym or field. When the
music stops, they must run to their questionnaire and fill out the first question. When they're finished, they stretch or perform an exercise such as jumping jacks or crunches. This is your signal that they've finished their form—it also keeps them active.

When everyone has completed their form, start the music again, and your students continue moving around the gym or field...until the music stops for the next question.

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