Teaching: Fitness Activities Homework Assignment

Teaching: Fitness Activities Homework Assignment

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update.com

Students receive homework in academic courses, so why not in physical education? After all, learning to maintain your body over 70+ years is at least as important as knowing when William the Conqueror was born.

Physical Activity Homework
Here's an excellent homework assignment. It's a long-term project in which students must incorporate physical activity into their everyday lives.

Give your students a list of activities they can perform, such as walking, basketball, roller skating, swimming, jogging, biking, stretching etc. Or provide activity choices based on your emphasis in class at the time. For example, aerobic endurance, strength, flexibility or specific sports. Or, leave the activity choices up to your students.

Your students' task will be to select one or more activities then participate in them for a minimum of 20 minutes, three times a week. Provide sheets that a parent or adult must sign after each activity session, verifying that the activity actually took place.

Be sure to check the sheets once a week to lessen the chances that parents simply fill them with signatures at the end of the assignment, without actually monitoring their children's specific exercise sessions.

At the end of your semester or school year, award prizes or certificates to those who have met the minimum level of participation. You could also give out special awards for those who exceed the minimum by 10%, 20% and up.

A top award could go to the student to put in the most participation minutes. ?Another could reward the student who participated in the largest number of different activities.

On the other hand, failure to perform the minimum level of activity will result in a loss of participation marks.


Homework Assignment Certificate
Homework Assignment Certificate
The result will be students' exposure to a large number of activities on a recreational basis and a habit of scheduling fitness activities into their everyday lives. And shouldn't this be a primary goal of any physical education curriculum?

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