The No-Swear Zone Website
The No-Swear Zone Website

Coaching: The No-Swear Zone

Dick Moss

Profanity is offensive to spectators, staff observers and even many coaches and athletes. Allowing it to occur during practice increases the likelihood that profanity will be used during games, where it can produce technical fouls and hurt your team's image.

In an effort to curb the use of profanity, the Institute for International Sport has proclaimed a National Sportsmanship Day. One of their projects is to provide schools with a "No Swear Zone" membership.

How to Join the No Swear Zone
To become members, your team's coaches and athletes sign a sheet that pledges the following:

"As a team, we will stop the use of profanity."

Once signed, the sheet can be mailed to the Institute's Rhode Island office (it can possibly be emailed). Your team will receive a certificate, and be listed on the National Sportsmanship Day website as a "No-Swear Zone member."

To check out the No-Swear Zone information and pledge sheet, go to the following web address:

You could use this membership in your classes, in addition to your teams.

Reference: Dick Moss, Editor, PE Digest, December 2006.


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