Volleyball: Tired Feet Serving Drill
Tired Feet Serving Drill
Tired Feet Serving Drill

Volleyball: Tired Feet Serving Drill

Pat Aitken

This game will help your players produce more consistent, accurate serves. For defenders it will improve their balance, quickness and agility.

However, the main benefit of the Tired Feet Drill is that it teaches players to serve “to the seams” between defensive players.

You'll need a volleyball and some hula hoops. Place the hoops on one court, arranged on the floor in a standard defensive alignment with one player standing within each hoop. Place three players behind the end line on the other side of the net.

How to Play
To run the drill, have a player serve the ball from behind the end line. Servers attempt to land the ball in-bounds between the defenders. If they're successful they move to the end of the servers' line. However, if they miss, they move to the defenders' side of the net and the defenders rotate positions, with one moving to the end of the servers' line.

The receivers, who must stay within their hoop, attempt to catch the ball before it touches the ground. If they make a catch, they immediately change places with the server.

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