Volleyball: Ace Ball

Volleyball: Ace Ball

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

Ace Ball is a volleyball variation in which players receive extra points for making “kills” that are untouched by a defensive player.

As a result it teaches your players to look for open spots when hitting on offense, and to always make some contact with the ball when on defense.

How to Play
Regulation volleyball rules apply, with the following changes:

  • An “ace” is a shot that travels over the net and touches the floor inbounds without being contacted by an opponent.
  • Whenever the serving team scores an ace, they receive two points.
  • Whenever the receiving team scores an ace, they receive one point and possession of the serve.
  • In addition to regular bumps, sets and passes, players can catch and throw the ball over the net or to teammates, as long as they catch and throw while in the air (if they are still in possession of the ball when they touch the floor, the ball is dead).


  1. Elimination Ace is a fun variation of the game in which a team that gets “aced” loses a player to the opposition. Play continues until one team has no players left.
  2. Another variation is to use a larger than normal court, to make it easier to score aces and increase pressure on the defense.

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