Volleyball: How to Eliminate Spin on Volleyball Passes

Volleyball: How to Eliminate Spin on Volleyball Passes

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

If your players are having difficulty in making accurate passes, check for spin on the balls they pass. A ball passed with excessive spin can curve to the left or right - just as a baseball will curve because of the spin imparted to the ball by the pitcher.

In fact, you want the ball to move without spin if possible - it results in greater accuracy and is more easily hit by the passer's teammate.

Common Error
A common error can cause a volleyball to be passed with excessive spin - too much follow-through with the wrists.

Following-through with the wrists imparts spin to the ball, so you want to make your passes without follow-through. Unfortunately, this is counter-intuitive for many students who are used to following-through whenever they throw a ball in other sports.

How to Pass Without Spin
When passing, the wrists should cock backward then snap forward  - but they should finish with the “hands flat  to the target,” rather than following through. The arm movement is also very abbreviated (see “Limit the Arm Movement When Setting the Volleyball”)

Even though these movements are small, they will provide enough power to set the ball anywhere on the court and to do it without imparting spin to the ball.
Reference: Bond Shymanksy, “Gettin' Better! 40 Tips for Better Setting & Defending,”  Championship Productions, DVD, 2006. http://www.championshipproductions.com

Screenshots provided courtesy of Championship Productions.

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