The Empty Net Shooting Drill
The Empty Net Shooting Drill

Hockey: Empty Net Shooting Drill

Pat Aitken

It's a fortunate team whose opponent must pull their goalie in the dying minutes of a game. Pulling a goalie is usually a last, desperate measure by an opponent that's behind on points.

This situation often gives one of your players a long shot at an empty net.  It's a seemingly easy shot that can “ice” the game for you, but it's such a unique situation that many players freeze up and miss the net by a mile. As with anything, familiarity makes the task easier, so here's a drill to practice empty net shots.

Empty Net Drill
Have your players skate around their own net and shoot at the empty net at the other end of the rink (see diagram).  You can make the shot more difficult by having a defender pressure the shooter.

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