Hockey: The Yes or No Breakaway Drill

Hockey: The "Yes or No" Breakaway Drill

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

“Yes or No” is a fun drill you can play with your varsity team or physical education class, (assuming everyone knows how to skate).  It gives your players experience in dealing with breakaway and shootout situations.
    Players stand at the center line, with a goalie in the net. Give every player a number. To start the drill, Player #1 takes the puck on a breakaway and attempts to score.
    Here's the fun part. As the Player #1 approaches the goal, his teammates guess whether he will score by shouting “Yes” or “No!”  Those who guess wrong skate a lap (or do pushups or crunches).
    Player #2 is then “up” and the drill continues until everyone has had a try.

Reference: Dave Chambers, The Hockey Drill Book, Human Kinetics Publishers, 2008.

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