Hockey/Resources: Skill Progressions for Player and Coach Development Handbook

Hockey/Resources: "Skill Progressions for Player and Coach Development" Handbook

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

    Here's an excellent source of hockey information for those who work with developing players.
    “Skills Progression for Player and Coach Development”  is a handbook developed by USA Hockey to describe the skills that should be emphasized with each age group, beginning with players in the Mite category (eight years of age) and taking them all the way through Midget (18 years of age).
     As stated in the handbook, “You should use these skill progressions as a guide rather than an absolute standard for development...recommended skill progressions encourage an environment in which youth players can learn the basic skills, master these skills and have fun while developing a life-long interest in hockey.”


Table of Contents
    Here's the Table of Contents for the eBook:

  • Areas of Skill Progressions
  • Player and Coach Skill Progression
  • 8-and-Under (Mite) Skill Progressions
  • 10-and-Under (Squirt) Skill Progressions
  • 12-and-Under (Pee Wee) Skill Progressions
  • 14-and-Under (Bantam) Skill Progressions
  • 16/18-and-Under (Midget) Skill Progressions
  • USA Hockey Components & Competencies for Coaching Development  
How to Download
    The book is 45 pages long, in PDF format and can be downloaded for free from the USA Hockey website. Click on the following link then enter "Education & Training"

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