Take a Chance Game
Take a Chance Game

Games: Take a Chance Game

Dick Moss, Editor

This game develops your students' throwing, reflexes and judgment skills.

Give each student a soft ball and a bowling pin or plastic soft drink container (with the top fastened and weighted with an inch or so of water).

Students space themselves randomly around the playing area and place their bottle on the floor.

How to Play
On your signal, players throw their ball and attempt to knock over teammates' bottles. Students can assume any position over, behind or in front of their bottle in order to guard it.

Any time a player's ball is knocked down, that student must leave the playing area and perform pushups, situps, or other fitness tasks. Once the task is completed, the student may start playing again.

And where does “taking a chance” come in? Players must leave their bottle unguarded in order to retrieve balls to throw.

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