Balloon Stomp Game
Balloon Stomp Game

Games: Balloon Stomp

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Are you looking for an indoor game that will help your stir-crazy students release some pent-up energy? If so, Balloon Stomp is perfect for you.

Have students inflate a number of balloons. Then divide the class into two teams, one on either side of the gym. Use pylons or an existing line to establish a Stomp Zone on either end of the gym and place half the balloons in each Stomp Zones.

How to Play
Students attempt to run to the opposing team's Stomp Zone and break a balloon by stomping on it! They may stomp on only one balloon at a time before returning to their own half of the gym—at which point they can try again.

Once players cross the centre line, they are in enemy territory and can be tagged by opposing players. If tagged, they must return to their side of the gym before making another attempt.

The last team with unstomped balloons wins.

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