Games: Cheaters

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Cheaters is a game of teamwork, running and deception. Here's how to play.

Divide your class into two teams and have them form a circle at either end of the gym or field. Give each team a slip of crumpled paper and place a container in the center of each circle.

Setup for Cheaters
Setup for Cheaters

How to Play
The players pass the paper (the cheat sheet) around the circle, being sure to hide it from their opponents. When the teacher shouts, “Who cheated?”, the players get up and spring into action.     The goal is for the player with the cheat sheet to drop it into the opposing container. Some of his/her teammates will act as decoys, running towards the opposite side of the field as if they're holding the cheat sheet. Some will stay in their own side of the field to protect their container.

A defender can touch an opponent and ask, “Are you the cheater?” The opponent must stop running and answer yes or no. If the answer is “no,” play continues. If it is “yes,” the cheater gives his cheat-sheet to the opponent. Obviously, this leads to much fast running and spirited chases.

The team that is first to drop their cheat-sheet in the opposing container wins the game.

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