Soccer Golf
Soccer Golf

Games: Soccer Golf

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Soccer golf is an outdoor game that's a lot of fun on a nice day. It uses basic golf concepts and will improve your students' soccer kicking skills.

Set up nine golf holes using hula hoops. Tee-off areas can be indicated with a traffic cone. Place the tee-off areas near the previous “green,” so there's no question where players should go after completing each hole. The length of each hole will depend on your available space and imagination. You can make the game more challenging by having some holes go up hills, past trees, and over long-jump pits.

Each player gets one soccer ball—or any ball they can kick.

How to Play
Typical golf rules apply, except your students kick their ball instead of striking it with a club.

Break your students into threesomes or foursomes, depending on your numbers. They take turns kicking their ball, with the player farthest from the hole getting the first kick on each round of attempts. They count the number of kicks to get their ball into the hula hoop, and total their score over the entire nine holes. Of course, the lowest total score wins.

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