Fundraising: Top Ten Warnings About Fundraising

Fundraising: Top Ten Warnings About Fundraising

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

“I share this information with my student teachers and graduate students every year and many of them tell me they wish they had heard this before they had undertaken a fundraising project.”
Dr. Andy Gillentine

Every year physical educators and athletic coaches find themselves searching for ways to finance their programs.

Booster clubs and private donations provide a portion of the funds needed to offer quality programs. While these funds help teachers and coaches achieve their program goals, often they are not enough.

Many educators turn to fundraisers to help reach their funding goals. Professional fundraising companies often provide these fundraising projects and these companies portray their project in an appealing fashion.

Many physical educators and coaches accept the offers of these professional fundraising companies without first doing some homework about the fundraising effort they‘re about to undertake. Failure to carefully evaluate and research these fundraising efforts can lead to tremendous problems for the physical educator and coach.

Before beginning a fundraising project, educators can benefit from heeding the 10 warnings posted on the downloadable pdf handout version attached to this article. Download below.

Contributor: Dr. Andy Gillentine is Associate Professor in the Departmentt of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, and the Director of the Sport Adminstration Graduate Program at Mississippi State University.

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