Crazy Costumes Would Make This Carwash Crew Stand Out for Potential Customers
Crazy Costumes Would Make This Carwash
Crew Stand Out for Potential Customers

Fundraising - Costumes Can Make Your Carwash Stand Out From the Crowd

Dick Moss

Of all the fundraising ideas for schools and sports groups, the car wash is probably the most ubiquitous. In fact, it's not uncommon to drive by two or three fundraising car washes on the same Saturday.

For this reason, it's important to differentiate yourself from your car wash competitors. One way is to have your students dress up in crazy costumes. You can have their costumes follow a particular of theme, such as disco-wear or clothing from the 70s. Or you can just have them where the craziest thing they can think of - last year's Halloween costume, for example.

Any fundraiser is more effective if you have a pre-event meeting in which you discuss the reason for the fundraiser, the goals, how the car wash will operate, and need to be friendly and enthusiastic. At this meeting you can also announce a prize for the best costume, which will a motivator for your participants to really get into the spirit of dressing up.

Students with most eye-catching clothing can be sent out to the curbside with your carwash signs to attract passing traffic.


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