Fundraising: Grocery Bagging Fundraiser

Fundraising: Grocery Bagging Fundraiser

Dick Moss

Grocery store bagging is a good fundraiser if you have a local grocery store that doesn't have full-time baggers or carry-out service.

How to Organize
Ask the store manager if you can provide bagging services on a weekend morning or afternoon.

Get your team to dress in their competition gear or warm-ups. Put a plastic container on the checkout counter and label it with the words "Donations to...(name of your team)." A clear container is best. It allows customers to see that others have donated and will encourage them to dig into their pockets as well.

Your students bag the groceries, and/or carry them to the customer's vehicle. Donations are entirely voluntary, and make sure your students tell this to the customers.

Work the store for a set number of hours - as agreed to with the manager. Then leave - don't overstay your welcome.

After the Fundraiser
Be sure to thank the grocery store after you finish the fundraiser. A thank-you letter, framed certificate and/or mention in your team newsletter (with a copy sent to the manager), will provide value to the grocery store and help when you ask to repeat the fundraiser in the future.


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