Fundraising: Foreign Currency Fundraiser

Fundraising: Foreign Currency Fundraiser

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

It can be difficult to pry fundraising money out of parent's hands. But what if you could tap into money that  parents may never be able to spend so is sitting unused in a drawer somewhere?

How it Works
Parents who travel to other countries often return with small amounts of currency that is too small to bother cashing, but that they'll probably never use again.

For your fundraiser, send parents a message, using your newsletter or email system, and ask for that currency as part of your school or team fundraiser.

Offer a prize to the student whose parent's donation adds up to the largest amount, once converted. The donation can be a pizza certificate, T-shirt, movie pass or some other inexpensive item.

Then start collecting the money. You can turn the fundraiser into a lesson on currencies and currency exchange. And you can take a photo of all the currencies that you've been able to collect and post it on your school bulletin board.

Once collected, bring the money to your local bank for exchange. If your bank won't make the conversions, your local airport may have a foreign currency exchange booth that you can use.

Dick Moss, Editor, PE, 2021.

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