Fundraising - Snowman Poop Fundraiser

Fundraising - Snowman Poop Fundraiser

Dick Moss

Here's a novelty fundraiser that's a lot of fun at Christmas. Fill some small plastics sandwich with marshmallows. Inside the bag place a note saying,

Snowman Poop -
The perfect winter gift.

Bags of snowman poop are great for gag gifts and Christmas stockings. You can sell them in the school, or, if they did you permission, set up in a shopping mall or outside a large retail store.

The Seguin SDA group does a Snowman Poop fundraiser every year, charges $1.50 per bag, and usually make a few hundred dollars on the project.

Reference: Angela Z, "Snowman Poop Fundraising, "Fundraising Ideas & Products Center, 2007.


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