Fundraising - Shopping Mall Coat & Parcel Check Fundraiser

Fundraising - Shopping Mall
Coat & Parcel Check Fundraiser

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Are you looking for an innovative, low-cost fundraiser for your team? Then look to your local shopping mall!

With the cooperation of your mall's management, set up a coat-check for patrons. You can check coats and parcels for a small one-dollar donation.

How it Works
Ask stores in the mall if you can borrow coat racks and hangars. They will often be willing to help.

Mall management should be able to provide you with tables and a secure area in which to establish your coat check. Of course, a space near the major entrance is ideal.

Your only real financial investment will be rolls of tickets, available at any stationary store--and possibly some paint and banner paper for signs. Patrons hand you their coat and parcels, you tag them, hand them their receipt tag, and away they go!

This is a super idea for the major shopping periods such as December, when shoppers may be laden with parcels, or may not wish to spend hours walking the mall while wearing heavy winter clothing.

This fundraiser works! Others, such as Linsey B's nephew's basketball team, have raised thousands of dollars using this coat check concept.

Reference: Linsey B, "Mall coat check fundraising." Fundraiser Ideas and Products Center website, 2006.


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