Mini-Putt Fundraiser
Mini-Putt Fundraiser

Fundraising: Mini-Putt/Nerf Hoops Fundraiser

Dick Moss, Editor

Here's a raffle fundraiser with a twist. It increases interest in the raffle by requiring participants to successfully complete a sports skill in order to have their name entered for the draw.

Solicit or purchase a prize from a local business. Even if nobody is willing to donate a prize outright, many will be happy to sell one at cost.

The prize should be worth over $100 and be appealing to your audience. For elementary and high school students, this might include portable stereos, video games, gift certificates at movie theaters, clothing stores etc.

Set up a contest site in your cafeteria or other high-traffic area. A mini-putt can be set up using a portable putting hole and outdoor carpeting. Or a free-throw contest could use a Nerf hoop and ball. Nerf darts or arrows are popular. Of course, publicize your sponsor at the site.

Making Money
Sell tickets at three tries for a dollar. Any student who is successful at sinking a putt, hitting the target or making a hoop gets their name placed in the draw box. The more successful attempts a student makes, the more chances they have to win.

After a period of time (i.e. two weeks to a month), make your draw and announce the prize winner.

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