Fundraising: Fudge Fundraiser

Dick Moss, Editor

Here's a fundraiser that will take advantage of your students'- and their parents'- culinary skills. Sell fudge and peanut brittle as Christmas gifts.

People are always looking for nice, inexpensive Christmas presents, whether for Kris Kringle parties, as dinner party thank-you's or students' gifts for big brother and sister. Homemade candy is a great idea that's always appreciated.

Packaging Sells
Instruct your students to use their own recipe, or provide them with a recipe that you know is easy and good.

The key to steady sales is packaging. Colorful tins are often available from discount stores for under $1.00. If they depict a festive theme, so much the better.

The track team at Laurentian U. in Sudbury, Ontario, have this idea. They filled festive tins with fudge, set a price of $5.00 and displayed them on tables in school hallways. They sold most tins immediately and took orders when supplies were exhausted.

They made a $600 profit on this fundraiser.Charge a little more per tin and your profit could be even more.

Dick Moss (Editor, PE

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