Fundraising: Bed and Breakfast for Special Events

Fundraising: Bed and Breakfast for Special Events

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

    Is there a major event coming to your community: a convention, festival, concert or sports event—perhaps even your own school tournament?
    If the event will attract out-of-town visitors, you can raise money by providing accommodations for these cash-laden tourists: especially if hotel rooms are at a premium.
    There are two ways you can operate: offsite or in your school.
    In the offsite option, school families become bed-and-breakfast hosts, taking visitors into their home for the duration of the event.
    The money they charge ($30 to $50 per night is reasonable) can be donated to your athletic program or used to subsidize their child's expenses in the sport. Your function is to act as coordinator, contacting the local event organizer, receiving inquiries and sending them to the appropriate families.
In the School
    In the school option, you set up cots within your school for bare-bones accommodations. A breakfast can be provided in your school cafeteria. 
    This option might be best for tournaments you organize, because accommodations within the school will be the most convenient and least expensive place to stay. You can also advertise the service in your tournament literature, and attending coaches can respond when they send in their entries.
    Access to bathrooms and showers is necessary, and other amenities such as televisions and telephone use can be considered.
    To determine an appropriate charge, call a nearby university residence and inquire what they charge for overnight accommodations.
    Of course, contact your local government and school board to make sure this use of the school is acceptable.

Dick Moss (Editor), PE

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