Fundraising: Adopt-An-Athlete Program

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Human nature dictates that people are less likely to donate money to strangers. You can overcome such reluctance by giving potential donors the chance to know your athletes through the Adopt-an-Athlete Program.

Through this program, donors will receive information and make personal contact with an athlete on your team.

How it Works
There are different levels of sponsorship available, with higher donations earning greater levels of personal contact and service. The lowest donation, $25, gets the donor a photo and biography of the adopted athlete, plus a monthly report on the athlete's progress.

The second donation level of $50 receives all of the above, plus one free hour of personal service by the athlete, which can range from mowing lawns, to working in a business, to assisting in a public appearance on behalf of the donor. Each higher level of sponsorship results in greater periods of personal service from the athlete. 

This is a great way to get your athletes out into the community and to develop some rabid fans among influential business people.

Although the donated funds go to the program and not the athlete, those with college scholarship potential might wish to check with the NCAA before providing personal services such as appearing in advertisements.

Sample Poster
Click the link below to download a sample brochure.


Sample Poster for an Adopt an Athlete Campaign
Sample Poster for an "Adopt an Athlete" Campaign

Reference: Idea from Rick Carleton. Mr. Carleton is a former head track and field coach and men's cross-country running coach at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

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