Fundraising: Goalkeeper Moneymaker

Fundraising: Goalkeeper Moneymaker

Dick Moss, Editor

Do you have hockey goaltenders in your school who'd like to earn extra cash in their spare hours…and get some additional practice at the same time? Suggest that they book their services to recreational hockey leagues.

Many adult and recreational teams have difficulty obtaining fully-equipped goaltenders for their games. Without real goalies, they are forced to play a watered-down version of hockey, which, of course, isn't as much fun. As a result, many such teams are quite willing to pay goalies to enhance their enjoyment of the sport.

Some enterprising goaltenders in Toronto have decided to fill this need by renting their services at $30 per game. Your school's goaltenders could do the same, advertising their availability by placing flyers on arena bulletin boards and in classified ads.

Reference: Dick Moss (Editor), Physical Education Update.

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