Double-Doubles(Eight Players Per Court)
Double-Doubles(Eight Players Per Court)

Badminton: Play Double-Doubles for Great Rallies

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

You have a bountiful crop of students in your class but limited court space. How do you provide enough playing time in your badminton unit to keep everyone involved and active? Try playing Double-Doubles.

Divide each badminton court in two, making the center line into a common sideline. Then play a game of doubles on each narrow court. As a result, you will simultaneously accommodate eight players per court, or a total of 32 students in a four-court gymnasium.

No-Smash Rule
The rules are the same as in regulation badminton, with one important exception: no smashing! With so many players on each court, there's too much danger of heads and racquets colliding.

And there's a tremendous advantage to the no-smash rule. With slower shuttle speeds and less territory to cover, your students will become involved in some great rallies—and there's nothing in badminton more fun than that!

Reference: At  the time of writing,  Tilander and Clyde Sheppard were teachers and varsity badminton coaches at the former Levack District High School, in Levack, Ontario.

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