Continous Serve-and-Clear Drill
Continous Serve-and-Clear Drill

Badminton: Continuous Serve-and-Clear Drill Keeps'em Moving

Dick Moss, Editor

One challenge in teaching badminton to a group is finding activities that will keep each student moving and occupied. Continuous Serve-and-Clear does just that, while maximizing your use of the floor and providing practice in clearing the shuttle.

Place groups of three on a half-court, with the receiver at the back line, the feeder on the same side at the net, and the hitter deep on the other side of the net. You can increase the numbers per group by having as many as three additional students wait in line behind the receiver. They can help the receiver to retrieve shuttles, and rotate up to receiver position as the drill progresses.

The feeder holds a number of shuttles, ready to feed the hitter.

How to Perform
The feeder hits or tosses the shuttles, rapid-fire, to the hitter, who clears it to the opposite baseline, where it is retrieved and held by the receiver.

When the feeder runs out of shuttles, s/he becomes the hitter. The hitter, meanwhile, places the racquet on the floor and runs around the net to the opposite baseline, becoming the receiver (or getting into the receiver line, if there are more than three participants). The receiver moves up to the net, becoming the feeder.

Once everyone is in place, the drill begins again, with rapid-fire feeding and hitting, and quick movement into new positions.

With two teams per court, this drill can involve up to 12 students per court (Even more if you put another team into the center of the court).

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