Telephone Book Aerobics Step
Telephone Book Aerobics Step

Equipment: Telephone Book Aerobics Steps

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Every year, every household throws out their old telephone book to make way for the new edition. However, old phone books have a much better place to retire than your local landfill. They can transition to a new, useful life in your PE equipment room - as aerobic steps.

How to Make and Advantages
That's right, tape two phone books tightly together using duct-tape and you have an excellent aerobics step that's appropriate for kindergarteners and primary school kids. Tape it once lengthwise and twice on the sides.

The steps can be stacked in your equipment room and they're small enough so that students can easily transport them into the gym themselves.

Equipment: Telephone Book Aerobics Steps
And all they cost is a minute to make and the price of some duct tape.

Reference: Ann Griffin (2005 National Adapted PE Teacher of the Year), "Toys from Trash: Inexpensive Equipment Options for Physical Education." A DVD from Championship Productions, 2005.

Screenshot photos - Ann Griffin from "Toys from Trash," courtesy of Championships Productions.

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