A Velcro Strip Pant-Leg Strap
A Velcro Strip Pant-Leg Strap

Equipment - Velcro Strips Make Good Pant Leg Straps

Dick Moss

Are you a bicycle commuter? If so, congratulations. You're saving the environment, making yourself fit, and providing a great example for your students.

Bicycling to work is indeed a great idea. But it does have a couple of inconveniences, one of which is that uncontrolled pant cuffs tend to get tangled in your greasy bike chain.

You can tuck your pants into your socks. That's effective, but it's an unaesthetic solution, and tends to stretch your socks.

Another idea is to use pant-leg straps. You can buy them at specialty bike shops, or you can save some money and purchase a less expensive alternative. Just cycle down to your local hardware or office supply store and buy a package of velcro strips for a couple of bucks.

Some of the strips are about 16 inches long, and have the fuzzy section and the hooked section on opposite ends of the strip--just perfect for controlling wayward pant legs.

Reference: Dick Moss, Editor, PE Digest, November 2006


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