Equipment: Use Dental Floss to Repair Athletic Shoes

Equipment: Use Dental Floss to Repair Athletic Shoes

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Leather athletic shoes are usually weakest at the seams. Unfortunately, if the stitching comes out, you're often left with a shoe this is perfectly functional except for its torn "upper."

A quick sewing job is often all that's needed to repair the problem. However, regular thread won't do the job -- it's simply too weak.

Luckily, a quick trip to the medicine cabinet will provide you with a binding material strong enough to hold athletic shoes together. (And it can prevent cavities too).

That's right! Dental floss is much stronger than most household thread, and its neutral colour matches most shoe stitching.

So, if your stitching comes out, that shoe's not lost…just reach for the floss!

Reference: Idea from Jennifer Taddo of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Jennifer, a former player, once dental flossed her shoes before a major tournament.

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