Equipment/Badminton: How to Make Portable Badminton Posts

Equipment/Badminton: How to Make Portable Badminton Posts

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Here's a way to install badminton nets in your schoolyard or gym, even if you don't have built-in holes for the net-posts.

How to Make Portable Uprights
Make your own portable uprights by filling five-gallon plastic buckets with concrete, inserting the posts, using a level to make sure they are completely vertical, then bracing them until the concrete sets.

You can use commercial metal badminton posts, or any post from your lumberyard that you can tie a badminton net to - even broomsticks might do the trick.

The best thing about these uprights is that they can be moved. Just roll them into your storage room if you use them indoors. Or if outside, move them to a sheltered area if the winds are too high.

Reference: Puttering: "Buckets O' Function." Cottage Life, May 2009.

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