Resources: Free Water Safety Lesson Plans from Australia

Resources: Free Water Safety Lesson Plans from Australia

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

If water safety is part of your curriculum - or you want to make it part of your curriculum, the Northern Territory Government of Australia has some resources that can help.

Their website provides downloadable water safety lesson-plans, posters and eBook resources on water safety. While the lessons are specific to the Australia and may not all be applicable to your situation (i.e. different signs etc), they provide a lot of information that you should be able to adapt.

Resource Location
You can find the downloadable lesson plans and resources at the following website:

Scroll right to the bottom of the page, under ?"Publications." Then check out the following:

  • Boof's Book about Water Safety: '
  • Water Safety Ideas Book: A Teacher's Resource Manual
  • Water Safety Lesson Plans
  • Be Water Safety Wise Generic Poster
Dick Moss, Editor, PE

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