Resources: Free eBook - Yulunga: Traditional 
Australian Indigenous Games

Resources: Free eBook - Yulunga: Traditional Australian Indigenous Games

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

This free eBook is provided at no cost from the ?"Participating in Sport" department of the Australian Sports Commission. It provides a selection of games and activities from the aboriginal societies of Australia and area.

These games were recorded by explorers, settlers, missionaries and government officials and have been passed down for generations by indigenous Australians themselves. Some of the games have been modified for better safety and to make use of modern equipment.

Many of these games will be great in your physical education classes as lead-up games or fun, fitness activities.

How to Download - eBook
You can download the entire eBook or sections of the book, divided into games suitable for:

  • School Years age K-3
  • School Years age 4-6
  • School Years age 7-0
  • School Years age 10-12 and older
Here's the URL for the eBook and book sections:

Individual Games
There is also a page that provides the individual games for download, divided into the following categories:

  • Ball Games
  • Bat and Ball Games
  • Hide and Seek Games
  • Inside Games
  • Other Games
  • Skipping Games
  • Spinning Games
  • Tag Games
  • Target Games
  • Water Games
  • Wrestling Games
  • Wrestling Games
That URL is:

All resources are in PDF format, so you can read them using free Adobe reader software, regardless of your computer platform.

Reference: Dick Moss, Editor, PE, November 2008.

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