Resources: Print Your Own Pause to Play Posters

Resources: Print Your Own "Pause to Play" Posters

Dick Moss

The government of Ontario has developed a website to promote activity among the province's youth. This website, called "Pause to Play" includes some downloadable resources you might find useful.

Reproducible Colour Posters
In particular, there are five posters that you can download and print yourself. They are full colour and if you use sheets of glossy paper and a colour printer, they will make a nice addition to your bulletin board. I printed a copy of the soccer poster on my $120 Epson colour printer, using regular photocopier paper, and the result was suitable for posting.

Click on "Downloads" to open the posters page.

Other Tools: The Muscle Machine
The website provides some other interesting tools, such as descriptions of about 20 different sports and contact links to their sport governing bodies (in Ontario). I also like the "Muscle Machine," an interactive web page that allows you to place a virtual x-ray screen over a person's body, see the underlying muscles and get a name and description of specific muscles. It might be a fun assignment for those of you with computer access in your school.

Click on "Cool Tools" to open the "Muscle Machine" page.

Website Address
You can find the website at the following URL:

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update, January 2007.


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