Resources: Free Beep Test Audio Files from the Internet

Resources: Free Beep Test Audio
Files from the Internet

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

The Beep Test (or Multistage Fitness Test) is a standard test of aerobic fitness used in many physical education programs. It's simple to administer since it's essentially a shuttle run between two stations set up 20 meters apart.

How the Beep Test is Administered
Students run from one station to the other, wait for a beep, run back, wait for another beep, run back etc. After several such repetitions, students move up a fitness level and the time between intervals decreases, making the task more difficult.

Students continue until they can no longer reach a station before the beep goes off. When this happens twice, they're finished and the point at which they stopped determines their fitness level. Levels are standard indicators of fitness. For example, the Australian army reserve requires a level of 7.5 in order to begin recruit training, while the Ontario Provincial Police require a level of 6.5.

Where to Find Free Beep Test Audio Files
Cassette tapes can be purchased that allow you to perform the beep test, but you can also use a laptop computer connected to a small loudspeaker. Computer audio files of the test are available at no cost off the Internet. Aside from being free, such files will never stretch and become inaccurate, as can happen with audio tapes.

One site that provides free beep test files is the Australian Army Reserve fitness requirement site. You can download from this site for free, with verbal instructions being expressed in a very cool Aussie accent. The file is at:

Alternatively you may be able to find a beep test on file-sharing websites such as Limewire or Kazaa.

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