The Mission Nutrition Website
The Mission Nutrition Website

Resources: Mission Nutrition Website

Developed by Canadian Dieticians and sponsored by Kellogg's, the Mission Nutrition website provides nutrition information and resources for teachers and families. The site is divided into sections entitled Educators, Families and Resources.

Educators Section
The Educators section includes teaching toolkits for grades K-8, with ready-to-use lesson plans, fun student activities, teacher notes, assessment rubrics and ideas, and curriculum connections. There are lesson plans for Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Self-Esteem.

Families Section
The Family section includes fun family activities to promote healthy living goals, a healthy eating toolkit, healthy living tips, breakfast and lunch tips, reproducible meal planners and frequently asked questions.

Resources Section
Finally, there is an excellent resources section that provides links to websites that provide information on healthy eating, active living and self-esteem.

Link to the Website
You can find the website at:
Mission Nutrition Website

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