Resources: Noodle Games Website

Resources: Noodle Games Website

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

The Noodle Games website is an excellent resource for any teacher who wants to learn innovative games they can play with inexpensive foam pool noodles.

The site, published by Chad Triolet (AKA Noodle Guy) from Chesapeake, Virgina, provides information on noodle game activities, products (including several books), links and even a noodle games blog.

However, the videos and vodcasts (see "Videos" and "Downloads") may be the most valuable resource on the site. The vodcasts are one-minute videos describing different elements of noodle use, while the "Noodle Games Video" shows five different noodle games you can play in class.

The games demonstrated on the video include:

  • Noodle Fencing
  • Noodle Fencing Mixer
  • Leaning Tower of Noodles
  • Noodle Rocket Launcher
  • Hide and Seek Tag (Lots of Fun)

The Noodle Games website link is: Noodle Games Website

The Noodle Games video is at: Noodle Games Video

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