Basketball Throw Drill
Basketball Throw Drill

Golf: Basketball Throw Drill for Indoor Golf Practice in Physical Education Class

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Imagine this: it's raining on the day you start your introductory golf unit. So you need a golf-related activity your students can perform in the gymnasium.

Never fear: use the Basketball Throw Drill.

The Basketball Throw Drill
Instruct your students to hold a basketball with two hands while assuming a golfing stance - standing as if they were about to address a golf ball.

They then move their arms in a golf swing motion, initially holding the ball in front of them, then withdrawing it backwards over their back shoulder, hesitating at the top of their "backswing," then swinging it forward, throwing it as far as they can towards a target.

Drill Pointers
Make sure your students shift their weight backwards on the backswing and forward on the forward swing. And instruct them to follow through so their hands finish high above their front shoulder.

This drill will give your students a feeling for two things:

  1. The required weight shift.
  2. The need to accelerate the arms and hands through impact with the golf ball. Your students can all participate simultaneously and the drill won't break nearly as many windows as if they use golf clubs and real balls.

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