Golf - The Ball is Not the Target

Dick Moss

Golf - The Ball is Not the Target
Beginners put so much emphasis on watching the ball that just hitting the ball becomes their prime goal. As a result, they often truncate their follow-through which results in poor power and mis-directed shots.

Here's a coaching cue that will prevent this problem.

Coaching Cue
Tell your golfers that it's not the ball that's the target, it's the green. Their job is to swing the club through the ball towards the actual target...the green.

The must separate their actual vision from their mind's-eye vision. So they look at the ball as they swing, but they imagine the club swinging through the ball towards the green--and the ball flying in that direction--in their mind's eye.

This slight change in emphasis can pay big dividends. Your players will swing through the ball with a clubface and swing that are directed at the green. The results will be stronger, straighter shots.

Reference: Tom Ward (PGA Instructor), "Swing through." Golf Link Website, 2/8/05.


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