Golf (Video): Chip Shot Follow-Through Tips

Golf (Video): Chip Shot Follow-Through Tips

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

Lack of follow-through is a common problem among beginners learning to chip. They often take a long backswing followed by a short follow-through when, in fact, the opposite is optimal. The back swing should be short and the follow-through should be longer than the backswing.

How much longer? In fact, the follow-through should be about 20% longer than the backswing.

Coaching Cue
In a physical education setting, you won't be measuring relative distances, but have your students keep in mind the following coaching cue: "Short backswing - longer follow-through."

How to Practice
One way to practice this technique is to have your students take two practice swings before every chip shot, with both practice attempts using a shorter-to-longer technique, and the actual shot mimicking the feel of the two practice attempts.

To see a demonstration of a chip shot with a
longer follow-through than backswing, watch the video below:

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