A Creative Mini-Putt Hole
A Creative Mini-Putt Hole

Golf/Games: Creative Mini-Putt

Dick Moss, Editor

Want a rainy-day activity that will keep your students busy during your golf unit? Try creative mini-putt.

Break your class into small groups and give each group the responsibility of devising their own mini-putt hole. Then open up your equipment room and give them 15 minutes to get creative.

Mini-putt holes might involve putting the ball down steps on the bleachers, negotiating bumps on mats, passing between traffic cones, or rebounding (gently) off gym walls into indoor putting holes.

After building the holes, have your students play the course, making sure you leave enough take-down time at the end of the class.

Sneaky By-Product
A sneaky advantage to this activity is that it's a great way to clean up your equipment room. As your students return the equipment they've used in their mini-putt holes, make sure they place each item exactly where you want it.

Reference: From a discussion with Terry Moss (Consulting Editor). Mrs. Moss, currently a principal with the Rainbow District School board, is a past physical educator with the board.

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