Solo Bocce Ball Putting Game—Player Putts Between the Bocce Ball & the Edge of the Green
Solo Bocce Ball Putting Game—
Player Putts Between the Bocce Ball
& the Edge of the Green

Golf- Bocce Ball Putting Game for Physical Education Class

Dick Moss

Working on the putting green will pay big dividends, but it can be boring - especially if you're practising by yourself.

Here's a game that will keep things interesting while you're practicing your putting game. It's great for developing a feeling for distance.

How to Play
The concept is similar to bocce - a game played in Italian clubs everywhere. Golfers first putt a ball, called the "bocce ball," somewhere on the green. On subsequent putts, they attempt to get as close to the bocce ball as possible. Putts that come up short are automatically removed -- this develops an aggressive attitude in your putters - after all, a putt that comes up short has no chance of going in.

Partner Game
When playing with a partner(s) take five or ten attempts (or as many attempts as you have balls). The player with the closest ball wins the hole. Then play again.

Solo Game
When practicing by yourself, putt the bocce ball near the edge of the green. Then see how many balls you can place between the fringe and the first ball. Keep count and attempt to beat that score on subsequent putts.


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