Extended Club Drill: Hands and Arms Move as a Single Unit
Extended Club Drill: Hands and Arms Move as a Single Unit

Golf: Better Chipping With the Extended Club Drill

Dick Moss, Editor

When performing the chip shot, the hands and arms should move as a unit with little movement at the wrists. In fact, wrist movement when chipping is a common source of inaccuracy and often results in topping the ball.

The extended club drill will teach your students to keep their wrists fixed throughout the swing.

How to Execute
Instruct your students to grasp their 7-or 9-iron, and add to its length by holding an additional club with the grip facing down.

Your students take regular chipping swings, attempting to move the arms, hands and club as a single unit. If the wrists break before the follow-through is completed, the top of the extended club will angle back towards the students' body, hitting them in the ribs and providing instant feedback.

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