A Motivation Board
A Motivation Board

Sport Psychology: Motivation Board

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update.com

Here's a great idea for your bulletin board or locker room. Pin up a large sheet of bristol board and encourage your team or class members to post any comments, goals, words of ?encouragement, quotes, or images that they feel will ?motivate themselves and their teammates. Leave a marker and stick pins below the board for easy access.

Examples might be a photo of one of the athletes on the team, the name of the city in which your championships will take place, a performance cue, a magazine photo of a sports hero, a newspaper clipping about team members, etc. Some athletes may wish to print out quotes on their computer, cut them out and pin them to the board.

Aside from providing those athletes who contribute to the board with motivation, the board will allow everyone, at a glance, to get a daily motivator that will help them in the next practice or competition.

The board is also a fun way to get the students in your physical education classes involved in a motivational activity.

Reference: Kristin Fulton. Kristen was a sport psychology student at Laurentian University and the Laurentian cross-country running team's sports psychology intern.

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