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Equipment - Velcro Strips Make Good Pant Leg Straps
Dick Moss

Velcro strips can be used to secure your pants legs when cycling.... keep reading..

Training-Room Tips - Free Concussion Toolkit
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

A free tool kit that provides many resources for the prevention, identification and management of concussions. Keep one in your physical education office.... keep reading..

Coaching: The No-Swear Zone
Dick Moss

A pledge sheet and certificate that will reduce the use of profanity on your team.... keep reading..

Strength: Game-Day Strength Workouts Can be OK
Serena JenningsStrength: Game-Day Strength Workouts Can be OK

Moderate strength training performed six hours before a practice or game will not impair a basketball player's performance.... keep reading..

Fitness: Sideways Squat & Push Exercise
Dick Moss

An aerobics movement involving a sideways jump that develops the core, adductors and abductors and gluteus medius muscles.... keep reading..

Equipment - Make How to Make Your Own Soda Bottle Noisemaker
Dick Moss

A noisemaker you can make out of soda bottles and beans or popcorn kernels. Great for fans of your varsity games.... keep reading..

Nutrition - Chocolate Milk is a Good Recovery Drink
Dick Moss

Chocolate milk can be as effective a recovery drink as many commercial energy drinks.... keep reading..

Nutrition - Carbonated Drinks Aren't the Best Option After Exercise
Dick Moss

Carbonated drinks reduce the amount of fluid an athlete can ingest after exercise.... keep reading..

Strength - Partner Bench Press on an Exercise Ball
Dick Moss

A bench press variation using a partner and an exercise ball.... keep reading..

Games - Leaking Cup Relay
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

A relay in which participants dribble water on their own head as they negotiate a course. Good for physical education classes or field days.... keep reading..

Coaching - Errors When Developing Maximum Speed in Team Sports
Meghan Juuti

Common coaching errors that occur when attempting to develop maximum speed in team sports.... keep reading..

Equipment - Make a Balance Board Out of Two-by-Fours
Dick Moss

How to make an effective balance board out of pieces of two-by-four lumber.... keep reading..

Fitness - Seated Back Stretch for Long Trips
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

A seated yoga stretch that will loosen the back during long trips.... keep reading..

Nutrition/Health - Nutrition Knowledge Alone is Not Enough
Dick Moss

Does better knowledge of healthy nutrition produce healthier body weights in school-aged children? No, according to a study at the University of Southern Missouri. The researchers found no signific... keep reading..

Equipment - Mouthguards Should be Replaced Regularly
Dick Moss

Mouthguards might require replacement within a year, or even less.... keep reading..

Resources - Free Flag Football Manual
Meghan Juuti

A free internet resource that outlines the basics of flag football and offers effective training and playing tips. Put this in your physical education office library.... keep reading..

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