Equipment/Facilities: Make Baseball Fences More Friendly

Equipment/Facilities: Make Baseball Fences More Friendly

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

If you have a standard wire fence around your baseball diamond or other outdoor facility, you'll know it's uncomfortable to lean against because the wires extend above the horizontal metal bar at the top of the fence.

The design of such fences is not only a source of discomfort, it also can be a liability risk. Kids attempting to climb over the fence can easily fall off or cut themselves on the wire.

The Weeping Tile Solution
However, there is a quick and inexpensive way to adapt these fences for greater safety and leaning comfort. Purchase some plastic weeping-tile from your local home building center, slice the plastic along the bottom, and place the tile over the top of the fence. This provides a soft, safe, rounded surface for the top of the fence that will be a pleasure for spectators to lounge against.
Dick Moss (Editor), Physical Education

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