Equipment (Video): How to Clean Your Sports Mouthguard

Equipment (Video): How to Clean Your Sports Mouthguard

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Mouthguards are essential safety equipment for contact sports like football, hockey and even basketball. But after your players have worn them, what should they do to them to avoid bacterial buildup and to prolong their mouthguard's life?

Here a some ideas.

Mouthguard Cleaning Tips
The Pediatric Dentistry Association of Southern Maryland recommends that you soak the mouthguard in denture cleaning solution. You can buy denture cleaning tablets in any drugstore - Efferdent is a common brand, but generic brands apparently work just as well.

To use the tablets, place one in water and let it dissolve until the water tuns blue. Then soak the mouthguard for the prescribed amount of time, depending on the type of tablets used. For example, some tablets require only five minutes of soaking. Sometimes, the water turns from blue to clear when the mouthguard is ready.

After soaking, brush the mouthguard with a toothbrush, rinse, let it air-dry, then place it in your carrying case. Be sure the case that has ventilation holes in it so any remaining moisture can evaporate. If the case doesn't already have ventilation holes, drill a few holes yourself.

To see a demonstration of
mouthguard cleaning, watch the video below:

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