Loop Your Rope Around a Peg at Each Corner
Loop Your Rope Around a Peg at Each Corner

Equipment: Using Rope to Mark Court Lines on Grass, Sand or Asphalt

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

You'd like to set up some volleyball nets on your playing field, asphalt court or local beach. But how do you lay out the boundary lines for those courts?

Instead of using lime to make the temporary lines, just bring a long rope and use the following instructions.

Using a Rope for Court Lines
Make a loop at one end of a long rope. Using a tent peg, attach the loop to the ground at one corner of your court. Pull the rope to the next corner, make a loop, and attach the rope to the ground using another peg. Continue until you've returned to the original corner, making sure the rope is pulled taut at each peg.

Anchoring the Corners With a Sand Bag
Anchoring the Corners With a Sand Bag
Pull up the original peg a bit, attach the excess rope around it with a knot, and pull it tight.  You will now have four usable boundary lines for your volleyball game.

Safety Precautions
Be sure to pound the pegs into the grass, so they do not project above the ground. You could also place a piece of sod, sock, or carpeting over the pegs, in case someone falls on one.

If you can't use pegs (i.e. on an asphalt court), keep the boundary ropes in place at the corners using sandbags attached to small ropes (see diagram) .
Instruct your players not to pursue shots off the court, so they do not trip over a sandbag.

A Completed Rope & Peg Court
A Completed Rope & Peg Court

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