Teaching Tips: Solution for Forgotten Gym Clothing

Teaching Tips: Solution for Forgotten Gym Clothing

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

 “Darn, Miss, I forgot my gym clothes again!”


Sound familiar? If you're like most PE teachers, you hear that statement many times per year.

A Solution to the Forgotten Outfit Problem
An effective way to deal with this annoyance is to require uniform-forgetting students to wear an outfit from your lost-and-found box.

Not only does this get such students involved in your class; it's also an effective deterrent since lost-and-found outfits often become “lost” because they're uncool, ugly or out of style. Faced with the option of bringing their own gym clothes or wearing  mismatched, poorly sized and out-of-date outfits, most students choose the former.

Wash Them First
To avoid parents' complaints about the health issues of having their children wear used clothing, bring the lost-and-found box home and toss the items in the laundry before distributing them.

Reference: Terry Moss (Consulting Editor).
Terry Moss was the head of Physical Education at Sudbury Secondary School, in Sudbury, Ontario. She is now the principal at Carl. A. Nesbitt Elementary School in Sudbury.

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